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Bahrain is the most mature, well-established business hub with the largest financial institutions in the Gulf. With a track record of nearly 40 years, Bahrain is still the financial services leader in the entire region. The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), the country’s single regulator, is unquestionably the region’s best and most respected regulator. Countries in the Gulf look to Bahrain when formulating their own regulations and structures, because of Bahrain’s tested, transparent and enforced rule of law.

Bahrain provides a free, open and transparent environment for businesses and has a globally competitive, value-creation story which focuses on sustainability, skills and good governance.

Bahrain has always focused its efforts on the building of foundations, ahead of the building of landmarks.

What’s exceptional about Bahrain is that its economy is mature and diversified, which means that instead of depending on oil, it has focused on productivity-led growth. According to the Conference Board Survey (, Bahrainis are five times more productive than the regional average. There is a unique vision for the future which is based on sustainable and productive economic diversification across various sectors.  Bahrain is committed to free market and democratic principles as the best means of respecting the rule of law, serving the needs of businesses and individuals, and above all, ensuring the long-term prosperity of its people.



So, why must you make Bahrain your first choice for your MENA business operations?

  1. Bahrain’s business environment is the most open and liberal in the Middle East, ranking the 13th in the world (Source: Index of Economic Freedom, 2010)
  2. Bahrain is the gateway to Middle East and the best market access to growing Gulf economies.
  3. Bahrain's respect for the rule of law provides a good environment for businesses.
  4. Bahrain has the longest, most stable track record in business in the region.
  5. The operational costs are amongst the most competitive in the region.
  6. Bahrain has by far the most educated and skilled workforce in the Gulf.
  7. Bahraini society is liberal and enjoys the highest quality of life in the region.


Guidelines in Setting up Business in Bahrain.



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